1864 Lyndale Avenue Memphis, TN 38107
Artisan Pottery

Welcome From Memphis, Tennessee

Whether you are a collector or a web surfer looking for a special gift or just need a coffee mug. We have something for you. We make very special artful pots. For us as potters our days are consumed with the world of making pots that are not only useful but are visually delightful. Every possible moment of the good life should be filled with art, on the wall, on the table or in your hand. Starting your day with a handmade object will lead you into that peaceful place where potters love to dance. It is our world and it can be your world.

You can be bold and start collecting or continue your personal journey that perhaps is well established with art and craft. Press the shop button. Enjoy looking at our current web selection. When you see a pot you want to arrive at your door, it’s very easy to make it happen. Just press the shop now button. We have sold thousands of our handmade clay vessels at major juried art fairs across the country for over 40 years. Which means we have a sea of satisfied customers. Set your table with handmade pots that reflect the balance and grace of nature. For nature truly is the greatest teacher of art.

The journey continues with you.

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Baucum Pottery  the studio of Dale and Brin Baucum

A: 1864 Lyndale Avenue

Memphis, TN 38107-5107

T:   901-276-3160

E:  dalebaucum@mac.com


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